Studies find Women with 4 or more Tattoos a have Higher Self-Esteem?

It is clear that tattoos can connect people with shared interests and ideas as well as be empowering. There is also evidence that tattoos can help someone reclaim their body.  Now a new study suggests that tattoos may lead to higher self-esteem.  True or false?

According to the recent study by Texas Tech University sociology professor Jerome Koch titled “Tattoos, Gender and Well-Being Among American College Students,” there’s a strong correlation between college-aged women with multiple tattoos and a higher self-esteem.

Koch, who has studied tattoos and piercings for years, found that among the 2,395 college students from six American public universities surveyed, women with four or more tattoos reported higher levels of self-esteem than anyone else in the study. The study’s objective was to test the correlations between escalating numbers of tattoos and depression, number of suicide attempts and self-esteem.

Koch told Mic that, “the only significant correlations we found were that women with four or more tattoos had a statistically significant elevation in self-esteem over others in the study.” The researchers explain that tattoos appear to be a credible healing mechanism and a path to self-recovery with women who get tattoos to cover scars from mastectomies, domestic abuse and self-harm as a way of taking positive ownership of their bodies.

In other words, this study is a win for tattoo fans who want to do away with the many negative stereotypes of getting a tattoo. Tattoos are deeply personal as I have stated many time. For some women in particular, tattoos are an embrace of their flawed, but amazing bodies.

However, the study was only done with college aged women. There is still a large part of the population not accounted for in this situation. There are also several other schools that could change the results. I believe the findings are a positive result, thought. I know several people, women and men of all ages, who have used tattoos to help themselves heal from a dramatic event. They do help people heal. Tattoos are a type of art that change the way people see themselves. Scars can be cover by beautiful work and no longer have to be seen negatively. Some still see tattoos as a negative thing, but honestly it seems like society is becoming more accepting of this form of art. Maybe one day society will even embrace tattoos with open arms.
Women with tattoos have a high self-esteem

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My White Ink Tattoo

White ink tattoos have mixed feelings toward them. Some people really like them and think they are elegant, but others think they look like brands or scars. I am in the group of people who think they are beautiful. In my opinion they are more personal than a black or colored tattoo. They are hard to see if someone doesn’t know they are there. They are more for the owner than for an audience.

I got my white ink tattoo my freshman year of college. I had had a rough first semester and was home for Christmas break. It had been roughly 5 months since I had got my last tattoo so I was due for another, but this tattoo, unlike my other two, was for me.  I knew I wanted something on my left wrist, but was unsure of what until I found this picture:


For some reason this picture spoke to me. It wasn’t just an & symbol to me. I saw it as hope; the reminder that there is always a new day and a new opportunity. Nothing lasts forever, but there is always an AND. The Ampersand is exactly what I was looking for. After I had picked my tattoo, I made an appointment with my favorite artist, Matt from Baker Street Tattoo. I did’t tell my family I was getting a new tattoo. The was the first tattoo I went by myself to get.

White ink
Here is a photo of me getting my ampersand.

It actually took my family two months before they noticed the white ink tattoo on my left wrist.

White ink
Here is my tattoo afterward.

As it healed it became less pink and less noticeable to everyone, but me. Out my four tattoos, it is still the only one that was completely for myself. My family still doesn’t understand why I got the ampersand, but it helped me heal. Even now, two and a half years later, when I have bad days that feel like they will never end I trace my tattoo, and it reminds me that tomorrow is a new day. Things can’t be horrible forever.  My white ink tattoo is my “light at the end of the tunnel.”

My light

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Weirdest and Worst Tattoos in the UK

Vice states , “it’s safe to say there are plenty of people out there with shit tattoos, because the British have spent the past 30-odd years turning terrible skin inkings into an art form.”  Sirin Kale, from Vice, decided to call tattoo artists from all around the UK and Ireland—Dublin, London, Manchester, Swansea, and Glasgow—and ask them what’s the worse most popular in their area.

The first artist that was interviewed was Ryan Sean Kelly from The Ink Factory in Dublin, Ireland. He was asked to describe the worst tattoo he had ever been asked to do, and this was his response “This guy who came in and got a collar rocker of the name Vanessa across his chest. About midway through I asked if Vanessa was his girlfriend or his mum, to which he replied it was his ex’s name and he was getting it inked in an effort to woo her back. If I had known I wouldn’t have started, and, suffice to say, when I saw the guy about six months later he was still depressingly single.” Kelly comments that the most frequent tattoos asked for seem to be arrows and shamrocks.

The second artist, Tota Volpe-Landi, works in Happy Sailor Tattoo in London. Volpe-Landi states the tackiest tattoo was a woman who wanted a tiny angel with pink wings on the inside of her wrist. The tattoo artist was asked what is the most populate tattoo in London right now, to which Volpe-Landi responded, “Infinity symbols are the new stars. Also, the little arrows, usually on girls, and usually on their ribs. Lots of girls are coming in with a picture of the little arrow they want—always from the same website. I normally get someone else to do those. I don’t mind, but really, if you’ve got one tattoo that tells the world who you are, do you want an infinity symbol?”

Pocket watches: The most common guy's tattoo pretty much throughout the UK. Photo courtesy of Tota Volpe-Landi
Pocket watches: The most common guy’s tattoo pretty much throughout the UK. Photo courtesy of Tota Volpe-Landi

Volpe-Landi was also asked why everyone wants the same stuff. The artist replied with this insight, “It’s celebrity culture. Everyone wanted an anchor like Kate Moss for a while. Or the time that Rihanna had the rosary beads with the cross on her foot—generally, someone famous gets it, and then it goes viral.” Volpe-Landi has a good point about celebrity culture. I mentioned it in a previous post. No one wants to be origination anymore. They want to be a celebrity. I wouldn’t want to have the same random tattoo as a million of other people. Your tattoos are meant to be special to you, not a copy of someone “cool” out of a magazine or off a TV screen.

Craig Hicks who works at 72 Tattoo in Manchester was another tattoo artist interviewed. He was questioned about the stupidest tattoo he was asked to do. Here was his response, ” One chap came in asking us to tattoo “666” on the back of his head for his first-ever tattoo. We refused, and then he asked for “some of those ‘rosemary’ beads instead.” We weren’t sure whether he wanted a religious tattoo or one of a herb. It shows the mentality of a lot of people who just want to get tattooed with something they don’t really understand, for show.”

Hicks makes the same point as Volpe-Landi; tattoos for a lot of people tend to be more to show off now. It is sad how they have become “prizes” to show off instead of being special and meaningful.

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The Worst Celebrity Tattoos

As I’ve mentioned more than once, celebrities and their tattoos are in the spotlight. Previously, I wrote about a few celebrities, highlighting their tattoos. The posts were more positive than negative,  naming a few tattoos and some of their meanings. This is the opposite. There are two sides to every tattoo. Here are some of the worst celebrity tattoos.

Brad Pitt has a “lovely” tattoo of what looks like to the outline of a person, maybe? Viralpicgalleries says this about Pitt’s interesting tattoo, “Pitt has a crude tattoo of a 5,300 year old mummy on his arm (Otzi the iceman found in 1991).” If that comment didn’t make you smirk or chuckle here is a picture of the tattoo. See for yourself, what do you think it looks like?

brad pitt tattoos


Janet Jackson has a tattoo of Mini Mouse giving Mickey oral sex. Thankfully it is covered by clothes most of the time, but this tattoo could use a cover up done.

janet jackson tat


I guess Nick Cannon didn’t get the memo about never tattooing your lover’s name on your body, wife or not. Cannon used to have a large back tattoo of his wife’s name. Since their relationship turned sour, he had the design re-worked into Jesus on a cross.

Nick Cannon tattoo


Poor Hayden Panettiere. She has a quote on her side in Italian. It is supposed to say “Live without regret” – only it’s misspelled! Should probably check the smelling before getting a tattoo in a different language.

Hayden Panettiere New Tattoo


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Epic spelling fails when it comes to tattoos

I don’t even think this needs a response.
This person is an amazing speller. This is probably my favorite fail.
Yes, you should always GUARD your heart.
I’m so happy to know I have been spelling prom wrong my whole life.
Oh yeah, who is? I think they meant you’re, but I’m not sure.
Nope, not a single one. Never.



















Check out this link with more tattoo fails.



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This post is sort of an advertisement of the new TV show, Blindspot. Honestly it is a great show, but the main character has tattoos so I thought it fit. However, the tattoos are fake, but I made a previous post about temporary tattoos. After reading this post, check out about temporary tattoos too: New Art: Tally Temporary Tattoos.

Blindspot is about a woman with no memories of her past. She is found naked in Times Square with her body fully covered in intricate tattoos. Her discovery sets off a vast and complex mystery that catches the attention of the FBI, which begins to follow the road map on her body into a larger series of crimes, while bringing her closer to discovering the truth about her identity.

Jamie Alexander plays the main character, Jane. Here are a few pictures of her covered in the temporary tattoos they use to film the show:

Jamie Alexander getting her temporary tattoo before filming
Jamie Alexander getting her temporary tattoo before filming.
They are sticking the temporary tattoos on Jamie Alexander
They are sticking the temporary tattoos on.
A picture from the pilot of Blindspot.
A picture from the pilot of Blindspot. Photo credit to NBC.
Jamie Alexander's temporary tattoos for Blindspot
A basic full body photo of Jamie Alexander and her temporary tattoos for Blindspot.


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Male celebrities with tattoos

Like females, there is a long with of male celebrities that have tattoos too.

Probably one of the most famous men is Adam Levine. The 36 year old sing and coach from the TV show, The Voice just got a new tattoo of a Mermaid holding a skull on his back.  Levine also has an animal paw with his dogs name and a silhouette of a pin up girl on his back. Of course everyone knows about the guitar tattoo on his left forearm, the tiger on his right forearm, and the rose on his left shoulder, and those are just a few of his many tattoos.  Adam Levine is clearly an ink lover.

Credit to Angel Behati Prinsloo, Adam's wife, for taking the photo.
Credit to Angel Behati Prinsloo, Adam’s wife, for taking the photo.
Adam Levine
Here is a website where you can check out more photos of Adam Levine and his many awesome tattoos.

However Adam Levine isn’t the only hunk with tattoos in show biz.

David Beckham has sleeves and tattoos on his chest and ribs. He has at least 34 tattoos on his body. I think we found another ink lover. He has two tattoos on his back for his son Brooklyn. He has 99 tattooed on his pinkie finger to mark the year he and his wife were married. Beckham also has two tattoos for his daughter, Harper, on his neck. Those are to name just a few.

David Beckham
Photo from The Sun

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, has his family’s history tattooed on his left shoulder in a type of cultural art. He also has a bull tattoo on his other arm.


The famous singer and used to be judge on The Voice, Usher, has half a sleeve.


Of course there are many, many other cute famous men with tattoos besides these four.


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Female celebrities with tattoos

As I have mentioned in previous posts, celebrities have helped grow and evolve the thoughts and opinions of tattoos. states that “Perhaps one of the reasons why tattoo has been elevated to celebrity status is because celebrities are in a race having their bodies inked. As proof of the entry of tattoo into mainstream consciousness is the existence of television shows having tattoo as their main theme. Miami ink and prison break are popular television shows with tattoo as its common denominator.”

Tattoos are now more widely accepted because celebrities are famous. Everyone strives to be like them. The image is no longer of an outcast or weirdo. The action of getting a tattoo is cool now. It has become a normal phenomenon in daily life.

Several famous women and men have tattoos. Here are just a few examples of female celebrities with tattoos:

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie has over three tattoos. She has tattoos located on her lower back, shoulder blade, left arm, back of her neck and others that the media have a harder time of photographing.  She has been photographed with one at the back of her neck which reads “Know your rights” and the one on her left shoulder blade, is of a Buddhist saying written in Khmer script. The one on her lower back is some type of animal with a quote.




Megan FoxMegan Fox another actress that has over three tattoos; one on her ribs, ankle, and shoulder blade. She has a star on her ankle and two quote tattoo. Her shoulder blade tattoo is a line from Shakespeare that reads “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” The one on her ribs says “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.”




Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera is a singer and a judge on The Voice. She also sports at least three tattoos; one of her arm, lower back, and neck. The tattoo on her name is an alter ego she created in 2002.






RihannaRihanna is another famous singer known for her many tattoos; however this is the most recognizable one, the stars from her neck to her back.

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Couple tattoos

Everyone always says getting your other’s name tattooed on your body is a bad idea. I’m sure all people understand why this is a horrible idea. Nothing is certain in life. It would most likely be embarrassing if people tattooed their relationships on themselves. Imagine explaining that to your next relationship. However, couple tattoos don’t seem so bad. When I say “couple’ I don’t just mean matching tattoos with someone you date. I also mean your best friend. Love can be fleeting, but friends tend to remain by your side for much longer. Best friends—the ones you talk to for hours each day to share your secrets, worries, and opinions with, sometimes aren’t permanent either, but explain why you have one side to a heart would be a lot easier than explaining a name that doesn’t belong to a family member. The nice thing about some couple tattoos is that you can get away with them even if the other half is no longer in your life. Sometimes the imagine is beautiful either way.

Clearly, the tattoo you and your “other” decide to get would be special to the two of you, but here are some suggestions. There is the classic King & Queen crows. I feel that this is a very common tattoo though; not very unique. Adding a quote under the crowns could always make it a bit more original. Hearts and infinity symbols are always seen as couple tattoos. As well as the heart lock and key. However, here is a beautiful spin on the heart lock and key:

Best Friend, Heart & KeyHere are a few other cute, original, but slightly dorky couple ideas.

Robots & Pizza

Light Sabers


Here are tattoos that are coupled, but are beautiful standing alone too.

Travel love


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Different tattoos & their meanings

Tattoos have had several different meanings throughout history. For a long time they had a negative image, but as society has evolved, tattoos have been seen in better light.

You have basic tattoos that most people have and their means, for example, Owls are associated with learning and wisdom. Feathers represent burdens that have been cast away while butterflies represent wishes and dreams. And the meaning of flowers change depending on the type of flower and what color it is.

There are many groups that use tattoos as symbols and use their meanings to create communities. They are not always just for looks.

Prison tattoo5 Point Crowns make up of one of those communities. For example, the tear drop tattoo. The meaning of the teardrop varies depending on the geographic location. In some places a teardrop represents a long prison sentence, but in other places the teardrop represents that the bearer of the tattoo committed a murder. Another possibly well know prison tattoo is a crown with five points. The five points is how it can be identified as a prison tattoo. The five-point crown is a symbol of the Latin Kings gang.



Dream CatcherDream catcher tattoos are different than prison tattoos, but still a symbol with a meaning. Every tattoo has a meaning, good or bad. Dream catchers have been around for at least a few thousand years. It is said that they inspire hope for the future, along with thoughts of safety. They are one of the most common Native American symbols, easily recognized by a worldwide audience. However, while the dream catcher is extremely popular, they are not a universal feature in Native American culture. The tattoos, just like the legends attacked to them are meant to protect people. The tattoo is thought to prevent evil forces from reaching the tattooed person.


There are also other little tattoos that have traveled through history, carrying their meanings with them. For example, The Gibu Auja; it is a symbol that dates back to the fifth century. It is an ancient Rune symbol said to bring good fortune. Another example is the Swedish Malin symbol. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that setbacks are often a natural part of moving forward in life. The Vegvisir is an old unique Icelandic symbol. It is their version of a compass. It is said to guarantee that your never lose your way– whether it be in a physical place or just in life.

The Gibu Auja
The Gibu Auja
The Malin Symbol
The Malin Symbol
The Vegvisir
The Vegvisir

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